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A Fire Plan?

One of the advantages of Facebook is that wedding planners can reach out to colleagues for information.  A wedding planner in California recently posted the following query :

Good afternoon everyone! I know we all have a rain plan, but can anyone share a “fire plan”? I have two weddings in the fall that are going to be in heavily forested areas and I am thinking I better have a Plan C for fire. TIA!!

And here was my answer:

The first thing to do is to have the phone number of the fire company on speed dial. And I would suggest calling the fire company now and asking them for tips and what they suggest in case of fire. I would make sure that aisles are wider than usual to make sure that guests have quick access out. Make sure that paths are well-marked. Make sure that cars are parked in the proper direction so they don’t have to back up to get out. Perhaps an assistant could monitor the area’s news station to keep up to date on the conditions nearby. Know the number of an ambulance company and where the nearest hospital is located. Will food be cooked in the area? Fire extinguishers should be on site. And the list goes on…

You also will probably want to designate a refuge area, so if you have to evacuate, you can have everyone go to the same place and be counted. You might even put written directions/instructions on the wedding program so each person knows what to do (and certainly include a NO SMOKING message.) And make sure to have extra cell phone batteries so your phone works the whole time. Perhaps have a few blankets strategically placed in case there is a small fire and you can just smother it. So much to consider…

And-check to see if there will be cell phone reception! If not, be sure to note where the nearest phone is and let the guests know too! (Something else to include on the program!)

And this is just the BEGINNING of a fire plan!

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