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A first blog post!

Welcome to our updated website!

This is the third version of the I DO Wedding Consulting website in close to ten years. Technology has obviously changed so much, and we have had so many weddings and amazing experiences that we decided to share what we do in a new format.

And also, we are adding a blog.  At last.

After all these years, I feel like I have seen so much. But I still love surprises, and Shelby and Dan had one at their wedding that I had never seen before.

It is called a Silent Disco.

The wedding was held at an outdoor venue, and they decided to contain the noise AND have fun in a new way. So, they hired a company that supplied wireless headsets and transmitters, and the guests donned the headsets that had two frequencies. For the after-party, there were two (yes, two) separate DJs, and the guests could listen to the DJ and music of their choice through the headsets and dance to the music. But if you were standing in the room, all you could hear was the chatter of guests talking and no music.

This would be great for a wedding in a township with a noise ordinance too!


Thanks to We Love We Laugh Wedding Photography for the photo…




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