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A Philadelphia Planner Gives Advice About Bridesmaids’ Dresses

A Philadelphia Planner Gives Advice about Bridesmaids’ Dresses

I received an email from the sister of a bride whose wedding is two months away.  (Yes, you read that right.  A story for another day.)  The bride wants her attendants to wear cornflower blue dresses.   This sister and the other bridesmaids were thinking that it would look better (and be easier) if the bride let them all choose colors and maybe specified “jewel tones” or “pastels” since cornflower blue isn’t a great color for some of the women and since cornflower blue isn’t really a color specified by manufacturers.  She is afraid that if some choose bright blue gowns, they will resemble Smurfs! Do you think it would be better if we tried to span the whole spectrum of lights (sky blue) to darks (navy/purple-ish)? Also in my head cornflower is on the purple side of blue. Should we try to stay away from greener (dare I say Aqua) shades? Or just go for whatever works? What about length? Should we all try to stick with long?

What did I think?  I sent a quick email, and I received this reply:

So the latest update is that we have been released from the “cornflower blue” requirement (yay!) – there are six attendants with a very range of ages and body types… Samantha is the youngest, she’s 20… I’m the oldest – 35 (yikes!)  Sam and I also probably represent the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to body type and skin coloring… Sam is tall, reasonably thin, and has a VERY dark olive complexion… and I am short, round and look like I haven’t seen the sun in several years.  (And we happen to be spread out literally all over the country)… so, given that… one of the other attendants asked the question – and I think the answer you gave me yesterday still applies- but I wanted to double check.  The bride’s only specification was “some shade of blue”…

And here was my reply:
First, there are exceptions to rules, as we know.  But in general, in my experience, the photos look better with the women in the same general color or with colors that are closely related.  Often I see dresses that are in the same color and fabric but in different styles, and this not only looks nice but also makes women feel comfortable.  With six attendants, I would suggest that no more than three different colors are chosen (here’s where there might be that exception) and that each woman wears a dress that compliments her body type.  At the very least, the dresses should relate to each other in some way.  A long gown seems to make everyone look great, and then there are no issues regarding shoes or the length of the dress.

I can’t wait to hear what dress is chosen!



Photo courtesy of Alyssa Andrew-Smith Photography

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