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Baby Face

Baby Face

Here is a request I received from the mother of two daughters.  I worked with her for both weddings and have stayed in touch for years.

I hope that you are well. We are all doing great! I have a quick question that I’m hoping that you may be able to answer.

I’m making up photo boards for a friend’s son’s wedding. I’m making three of them – one of him as a child, one as her as a child, and one for the two of them together during their dating years. Any clever idea of how I can title them? My husband’s office is doing the art for them and I usually have a title, but I’ve never done three of them. Any thoughts?

And here’s what I replied a few hours later:

This is a real challenge!

I have a few ideas:
Name the boards after songs.  For the bride:  My Girl; Pretty Woman.  For the groom:  My Guy;  Let’s Hear it for the Boy. For the couple: From This Moment; How Sweet It Is; It Had to be You.
From long ago and far away… love brought us to our wedding day.
You + You.  It was always YOU.
List just three dates, and then title it
In the Beginning:
(Birthday of bride) xx-xx-xxxx
(Birthday of groom) xx-xx-xxxx
(Wedding date) xx-xx-xxxx
I did.
I did.
We do.
The story of US.
That’s all I could come up with!!!   I love the idea!
And this was the response:  Thank you so much! I love your ideas! I’m gonna do “My Girl” and “My Guy” for the photos of their childhood, and “How Sweet It Is”  or “It Had to be You” for the couple one.
photo courtesy of Tyler Boye Photography
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