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Be Seated

Guest seating always poses a bit of a problem.

At most weddings, only tables are assigned, with the use of escort cards that are typically placed on one large table where guests search for their names and find their assigned tables.  Occasionally there are also place cards on the tables at each place setting, which tells a guest exactly where to sit at that table.

Table assignments in Europe (and other places?) are often done differently.  It is very typical to have escort cards AND place cards (which obviously requires more work and more planning). But here’s the thing: couples are not seated together and often are not even assigned to the same table. The idea is that you ALWAYS get to speak to your partner but often don’t have a chance to really mix and mingle. There is much more conversation at the table this way, with talk in many directions. I have actually participated in this kind of seating and found it interesting and fun.

And you can always talk to your partner on the way home!

What do you think?  Would you try this?  Maybe you would try this at home or a restaurant first?

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