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Behind the Scenes

When I am introduced to someone and am asked what I do,  I happily say I am a wedding planner.  The next line is always, “Oh, that must be so much fun!”

The speaker is right, of course.  There are so many parts of this business that are “fun” and terrific.  (And a few that are not, but that’s not for this post).  One of the interesting things for me is that I get to see the magic created…  I have a behind-the-scenes look, and I can watch a vision come to life.

Here’s a particularly fun one:  The couple wanted to have a non-traditional wedding cake.  And it was made by and with Federal Donuts.  I had glimpses of the process when the boxes of donuts were delivered, as they were set in place, and then as they were lit for the reception.

Definitely a fun cake.  And it was cut like a traditional wedding cake and shared on the dessert buffet.  A huge hit with the guests.




Thanks to Andy Todes for this image.


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