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Decision 2019

The photo above started it all. It was from my older daughter’s wedding, and I…

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The Bride’s Dad Plans His Schedule Carefully

The father of the bride called me today with some very specific questions.  He travels…

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Bottoms Up

If you have read my prior posts about toasting at weddings, you know that I…

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A Look Back: A Wedding in A Week

I was visiting my younger daughter in England seven years ago when her boyfriend proposed.…

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Wedding Guest Lists

You have friends. Your partner has friends. You as a couple have friends. You each have…

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Why I Won’t Help Plan This Wedding

I just spoke to a photographer by phone, who asked if I am available to finish…

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The Father of the Bride Has A Question

The email from the father of the bride said, Question regarding Rehearsal dinner, am I…

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The Catholic Bride and The Jewish Groom: Ten Ideas

The Catholic bride is insistent about getting married a church. The Jewish groom will agree but…

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The A-B-C-D-E of Engagement Parties

There seems to be some confusion about engagement parties, so here are some guidelines: A.…

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Who Plans A Bridal Shower? Your Wedding Planner’s View

I received the following email from a mother of the bride: What is the protocol…

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A Cautionary Tale!

Gift registries are so helpful and so convenient.  The couple can register for exactly what…

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Beat the Heat: Eleven Tips for Keeping Your Guests Happy. And COOL.

You are planning your summer wedding, and you are looking forward to a glorious sunny…

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Baby Face

Here is a request I received from the mother of two daughters.  I worked with…

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