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Just a Little Bit of Wedding Planning?

I have had two inquiries in the last week from couples who are interested in wedding planning… and they were clear that they were looking for “limited day of.”  I don’t exactly know what they meant.  I DO Wedding Consulting’s Wedding Directors do not just stroll in an hour before the ceremony on a wedding day.  How would we know what to do?  And when?  And where?

We don’t even call our services “Day Of” because we start so much farther in advance to organize and plan. Can we just show up on the wedding day and make sure that everything runs smoothly? No, we can’t do that without doing a complete review of all contracts and the creation of a full timeline (typically about 10 pages). It often takes many hours to do this work. We call it a Wedding Weekend Package, and we start work on the total wedding weekend with the creation of a timeline (which we share with all of the other wedding professionals to make sure everyone understands what the expectations are), we attend (and often run) the rehearsal, and we are there on the wedding day with two Wedding Directors (one stays through introductions and the other through cake cutting, which is the last official act of the night).

“Limited day of” could not possibly provide the couples with what they really need.  We are there to make sure things do run smoothly, and we work hard and long to make that happen.


photo courtesy of Tyler Boye

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