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Disability Etiquette: It’s Just Respect

Disability Etiquette: It’s Just Respect

I was invited by The Capital Grille and MossRehab to attend a Disability Etiquette Training Seminar.  It was held today, and it was the first of its kind that I ever attended.

The presenter discussed best practices, Person-First Language, types of disabilities, and how to promote disability etiquette.  There was so much to think about…  She said that people meet a disability before they meet the person.  That really gave me pause.  I thought this was a very valuable seminar and really gave a very different outlook, and it certainly heightened my awareness.  There was some specific tips (don’t hold on to a wheelchair without being asked, as it is part of personal space) and gentle reminders (not to make assumptions about abilities, desires or preferences.)  In planning a wedding, we always ask if there are any guests with special needs, but now I will have more specific questions and will be happy to share what I learned with our Wedding Directors.

It felt good to learn something that can really and truly help in the way we do things.  Thanks to Amanda, Julie and Shoshona for taking the time to enlighten us today.  A very valuable lesson.



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