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Rain on a wedding day tends to bring disappointment, because so often a couple wants photos to be taken outdoors. Ashton and Patrick were no exception; they planned to have their “reveal” in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. But the rains came. Fortunately, they had a very creative photographer. Andrew Todes certainly made lemonade out of lemons… and created some extraordinary images.

Among other places, he took the couple to 30th Street Station, and he posted this on Facebook: “One last pic for the day. EAGLE EYES. Did this at 30th Street Station, Philadelphia. Hardest part of the shot was convincing the Eagles fan to keep sitting there for a minute or two. He thought he was ruining the pic and wanted to get up and leave. Very sweet of him to play along. That quizzical look he gives the camera is perfect. Go, Eagles!”


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