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A Gift From You To Your Guests

A Gift from You to Your Guests

It is always so much fun when a couple’s personality comes through on their wedding day.  This can happen in so many ways, from the save-the-dates, the invitations, decor and flowers, to the many touches, large and small, that make up a wedding and its celebration.

I can’t call it a trend, because I have only seen it happen a few times, but here is something that is so personal, meaningful, and just fun:  Sing to your guests!

I worked with a couple- Lindsay, with a trained voice, and Steve, with a terrific although untrained voice- who took the microphones from the band (yes, this was planned with the band before the wedding!) and sang to each other and the guests.  It was so special!  The guests had no idea that this would happen, and the vibe in the room was electric.

I have seen this at two other weddings.  Johanna also surprised the guests and joined the band to sing to her groom.  And Garrett took the microphone and sang to his bride.  The bands have always been in on the surprise and have been extremely supportive.  They enjoyed it too!

What memorable moments. And what an emotional, special time. It is so nice to share something of yourself with those who are surround you with love on your wedding day.  



photo courtesy of Alyssa Andrew Photography 2014

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