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Flowers For All?

Flowers for All?

It is part of a wedding planner’s job to answer questions, and lots of them!  I recently received an email with questions that I haven’t heard before…

I wondered what the current etiquette is for immediate family private dinner wedding (dinner for 16 total), in regard to notifying the larger group of family and friends.  Is the proper protocol to send an announcement of the marriage. Or is that considered an implication for a gift.

Also, flowers. Should every female at the dinner have a small bouquet or corsage, or just bride?

And my response:

Yes, you can send a wedding announcement. It sort of implies a gift, but it is still proper to share one’s joy! Those who want to give a gift will, and others will not…

As for flowers… each woman could certainly have a corsage (maybe a wrist corsage so they don’t have to pin it on? sometimes fabrics aren’t a very welcoming place!) , and each man could have a boutonniere. It sounds nice! And includes everyone. The bride, on the other hand, could have a bouquet with an empty vase in front of her place at the table so she can display and enjoy it through dinner.

Sounds lovely!

What do you think?  Feel free to email me at and let me know!


Photo courtesy of John Barone

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