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Why I Won’t Help Plan This Wedding

Why I Won’t Help Plan This Wedding

I just spoke to a photographer by phone, who asked if I am available to finish planning a wedding that is taking place in just six weeks. The bride is not happy with her planner and is thinking about hiring someone else. Would I be interested in doing this wedding?

And here was my response: I don’t even want to speak to the bride until she has a written release with the current planner. I don’t know if she is just annoyed or if she really has decided to part ways with that planner. I don’t want to be in a position where it looks like I am “stealing” a client, nor do I want to get in the middle of a feud. No thanks. I wouldn’t do that to another planner and I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me!

It also doesn’t bode well that the client has made it to this point and is unwilling to go further. I have so many questions… besides appearing “unresponsive,” which is the main complaint by the bride that the photographer shared with me, have they had communication issues during the entire process? And why haven’t they resolved things?? They are SIX weeks away from this wedding!

I appreciate that the photographer thought of me, but this is one that I will pass on.

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