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It’s A Matter Of Trust- The I DO Wedding Consulting Team

It’s a Matter of Trust- The I DO Wedding Consulting Team

Recently another wedding planner posted a question on Facebook: “When was the last time you gave control to someone that you trusted the job or task would be done the way you would have done it?”

I only had to think about this for a second.  I responded, “My ‘assistant’ Luanne Bohn is so  much more than an assistant, and I am happy and relaxed when I share control with her at I DO Wedding Consulting.”

If you have worked with us, you will know that Luanne is our Wedding Day Specialist.  I continue to do all of the pre-wedding planning, and Luanne is there with- or without- me on a wedding day to make sure that the timeline is followed, the couple and their families are stress-free, and that the wedding professionals are secure in what they are supposed to be doing and when.

Luanne and I have been working together for over five years, and it is amazing to see the rhythm we have.  I am the face of this business, but Luanne is an integral part of it.  I am so lucky and want to publicly thank Luanne- and the rest of the I DO Wedding Consulting team- for working with me!

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