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I’ve Got A Secret: A Planner Takes A Peek

I’ve Got A Secret: A Planner Takes a Peek

Did you ever wonder how servers know who gets what entree after they are ordered?  The food magically appears, but there is a system in place.  The caterer/venue has a plan where every seat at, say, the 12 o’clock position, is entree #1.  And it simply follows clockwise.  And all are served what they have ordered.  At one recent wedding, I actually saw small ribbons on the back of the chair in the first spot!  I guess it works either way, but the result is that the service is gracious, and gets receive their orders.

This wedding planner loves to see the behind-the-scenes of wedding venue and catering preparation.  It all looks so effortless, but I get to see the painstaking work that happens behind closed doors.  Here is salad prep- the dressing and condiments are placed on lots and lots of plates in a row on a long table, and it is only after that happens that the salad greens are dropped.  There is an art to composing salads- and it takes patience to prepare hundreds of plates!  And it looks so easy… and I promise you, it is not!

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