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Jewish Exponent – The Real Fairy Grandmothers

Jewish Exponent – The Real Fairy Grandmothers

“Lynda Barness, owner of I Do Wedding Consulting, suggests asking yourself how much time you have to do the necessary legwork in planning a wedding. ‘There are probably at least 50 fabulous photographers in the Philadelphia area,’ she notes. ‘Do you really have time to check them all out? I narrow down the choices based on what a couple tells me they want, and then try to make a perfect match.’ Barness, who always carries a huge emergency kit to the wedding so she’s prepared for anything that might happen, considers herself the choreographer of the wedding, as well as a neutral voice of reason, especially when it comes to the delicate family issues that can arise. “I provide objectivity during what can be an emotionally trying time,” she explains.

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