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Main Line Magazine – Bridezilla On The Warpath

Main Line Magazine – Bridezilla on the Warpath

“It’s an overwhelming process for anyone. I had a bride who called me 10 weeks out and hadn’t planned anything. She had no clue where to start,” says Lynda Barness of I Do Wedding Consultants. (Warning: Do not try this at home.)… “I am really clear with clients that this is not my day,” says Barness. “I try to play matchmaker between the couple and wedding professionals that are right for them.”

Barness always carries a hot glue gun, a steamer, a crochet hook for buttoning the tiny buttons on the back of wedding dresses, and spray-on Band-Aids for blisters. “I had a bride not too long ago who was petting a horse when her pictures were taken and her dress got marked. I brought out some chalk and fixed it,” Barness says. “I always order an extra boutonniere because very often the groom gets hugged and it gets flattened.”

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