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National Association For Catering & Events – 10 Emergency Kit Hacks

National Association for Catering & Events – 10 Emergency Kit Hacks

A Wedding Planner’s Ten Favorite Emergency Kit Hacks

As was wedding planner, it is important to arrive on a wedding day with items that can be used to repair, restore, or resolve any problem that arises. I enter with a full suitcase full of objects, and most have obvious uses. This includes bandaids, safety pins, a sewing kit, a glue gun, and a steamer. But there are some emergency kit items that I bring that have uses that are NOT obvious, and these are my favorite hacks:

Chalk. I have had a bride go for pictures before a wedding and ended up near a horse and another near a pigeon… and her dress had marks on it from the experience. Chalk doesn’t clean it but disguises it. One bride fell as she got off a trolley, and chalk covered the damage there as well.

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