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National Association For Catering & Events – Menu Planning

National Association for Catering & Events – Menu Planning

Menu Planning: Point of a View from a Wedding Planner

I have been sitting and thinking about how weddings have changed over the last eleven years that I have been a Wedding Planner. One thing that stands out to me concerns food. Hosts have continued to want delicious, beautifully presented food for their guests, and there is considerable planning for this.

“The Tasting” is the opportunity for the couple and, often, their parents- and their planner- to see how food is served, how it looks on the plate, and how it tastes. It is a time when a venue/caterer can really showcase their work, and, in my experience, it turns into a lovely, happy afternoon (ok, except for the one time that the mother of the bride hated everything- the beef was too well-done, she didn’t like the fish with a nut crust- but that’s another story for another blog. And, I will say, the venue listened and gave her a wedding meal that she loved!). . .

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