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A Snap Judgment

You will hear photographers complaining loudly- and for good reason- about how guests ruin their wedding images.  Guests use their iPads, cell phones, and other electronic devices to capture a photo… and get in the way of the photographer’s shot.  It seems that we are all guilty of wanting to capture an amazing picture, but I urge you to try to restrain this impulse, especially when it comes to the get-it-or-lose-it poses (think the first kiss of the couple, among many others).  Your hosts are paying money (and a large, well-deserved amount) to talented, creative, and knowledgeable professionals.  I urge you to let them do their job! On the other hand, a selfie or two while getting ready is always fun.  Remember, though, that if you post that unflattering shot (of anyone!) online, it will be there for all to see… forever.

Maybe you want to consider having an “unplugged” wedding and letting the guests know you prefer that they keep their phones in their pockets?  Or would you rather give them a hashtag and let the photos begin?

DS_BG-1     Photos courtesy of We Laugh We Love Photography.

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