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Table #1?

Table #1?

Here’s a question I am frequently asked, so I though I would share my answer here:

I was going to send my future mother-in-law her list of guests so she can let us know whom she wants seated with whom. Does she need to be a part of where we seat them in room?  

Your future mother-in-law would definitely have to assign her tables.  The question of where you seat them in the room is another whole story!  One way to do this is to divide the room and each take approximately half.  But sometimes that feels like there are two camps (Hatfields and McCoys?!) and I would recommend mixing up the tables so some of your parents’ friends and some of your groom’s parents’ friends are sitting at adjacent tables.  One other trick I recommend…  Often the tables are numbered with #1 being in the best location.  Actually I like to recommend that the table in a far corner (and probably less desirable) is table #1.  Somehow it makes guests feel, I think, that they are not in left field. If they have a distant seat AND they are at a table with the last number in the room, sometimes guests feel like they aren’t as much of a part of it all…  It’s interesting how human nature works.


Photo courtesy of Laura Novak Photography.

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