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A Leg Up

A current trend for men in weddings has to do with their socks. Gone are the plain black ones, and in their place are stripes, plaids, colors, and patterns. I love this statement of individuality and design, and it always makes me smile when the groom and his men have creative and matching socks.

Recently I admired Groom Pat’s socks, and he told me that his are something special. They are made by Mitscoots, and, at the risk of sounding like an advertisement, I am sharing this from the website

We do three things: We sell 100% great American socks. For every pair you purchase, we will give away another pair to someone in need. And finally, we take pride in employing those less fortunate.

Mitscoots are socks with a mission: Get+Give+Employ

Check out the Mission Statement on the website. It’s really something special, I think. And so are their socks.

What a great step ahead.

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