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Preferred Vendor List?

Preferred Vendor List?

I just received this email:

My name is XXXXX and I’m writing to introduce myself as violinist/fiddler who performs for weddings in North Carolina.  I play both classical violin and Appalachian/Bluegrass fiddle and I have played at several venues this year including Overlook Barn, Westglow Resort, Daniel Stowe Gardens, Jefferson Landing, Crestwood Resort, Mountain Magnolia Inn and The Biltmore Country Club.

 In the hopes of booking more weddings next season, I was wondering if you would consider adding me to your list of preferred vendors and referring me to any brides who inquire on who to book for live music.

 Please let me know if you would like for me to send you some business cards and feel welcome to forward my contact information and website to any interested brides or grooms to be.

And here is my reply:

Thank for you thinking of I DO Wedding Consulting.  However, I was very surprised by your inquiry, as we are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  And the Greater Philadelphia region is so rich in talent that I would not be recommending a violinist/fiddler in North Carolina.

But my surprise goes farther than that.  We make many recommendations to our brides, grooms, and families.  However, we do not have a list of preferred vendors that we distribute to them; rather, we are like matchmakers, and we give recommendations of three to five wedding professionals in any category that are hand-picked for the particular clients.  It is very personal.  We would never recommend someone based on an email alone!  We recommend based on knowledge of the ability and competency of the wedding professional!  We KNOW the people we recommend!!

We provide these recommendations based on the couple’s budget, vision, personality, and more, so we really try to make a close match with the understanding that not everyone is the right fit for a certain couple.  And we never hand out someone else’s business cards or materials; if the couple is interested, they will contact the wedding professional, based on our recommendations, and then they can all go from there.

So no, I am not interested in referring you.  All good wishes.


photo courtesy of Asya Photography


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