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Orchestrating the Wedding Day and Reception

The role of I DO Wedding Consulting on your wedding day is to manage your expectations and to be sure that what you want is what you get. We do this with a complete, extremely detailed timeline. This script is shared with all of those involved, and it outlines every detail.

This timeline is also shared with the Bridal Party. Everyone needs to know where to be and when: in the morning hair and makeup, for example; breakfast or lunch – everyone needs to eat!; throughout the ceremony and reception.

I DO Wedding Consulting will provide an Information Checklist, so you know all of the items that you need to provide to us ahead of time so we can handle them on the wedding day. And you will also be given a To Bring list, as a reminder of all of the items that you will want to have as part of your wedding day.

We do plan, so you don’t have to.

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