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Wedding Teamwork

Hopefully it is clear to all that a wedding just doesn’t happen.  It takes a huge team of people behind the scenes to make the day look effortless and wonderful.  I love working with wedding professionals who don’t stop at anything to get their jobs done, who do what they have to do and more, and who do it with a smile.  This post is a thank you to ALL of the wedding pros with whom I am privileged to work and who are just plain amazing.

I was sitting in the last pew at a wedding ceremony in a Philadelphia church recently.  I happened to look to my left, and I saw Dave Williams on the floor of the church, getting his desired video.  I grabbed my phone and took the shot here.  Dave is just one of the many, many professionals who go above and beyond.  My thanks and gratitude to all.  Looking forward to working with all of you.

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