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The “B” List: A Planner’s View

You have lots of friends.  Your respective parents have lots of friends.  And the ballroom that you booked for your wedding doesn’t have enough space for everyone.  Yes, you understood that when you booked.  And you had a plan!  Actually, it was called Plan B.  You were going to send the first round of invitations to your closest 150 friends and family.  As invitations were declined, you would send new invitations (with a new reply date) to more friends and family.  Sound familiar?

A couple came to me with this very issue.  They wanted to add a card in their invitation that said, “The Ballroom at our venue has limited space.  We understand that our wedding falls on a holiday weekend and that you may have other obligations.  If that is the case, we ask that you please rsvp as soon as possible so that we may accommodate other guests.  Thank you for your understanding.  We hope to see you at the wedding.”  

And they wanted to know what I thought.  And here is what I said,  “Hmmmm…  I have mixed feelings about this.  I certainly understand why you wrote it…  but it seems to separate your guests and almost announces that you have an A and a B list.  I think I wouldn’t use the language here and suggest that you just say: Your prompt rsvp would be appreciated!  We look forward to seeing you there.”


Photo courtesy of Tyler Boye Photography

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