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The Band Plays On- Continuously

The Band Plays On- Continuously

Here’s an email that I received from a mother-of-the-bride:

We are in the process of finalizing some of the fine details in the band’s contract.  Concerning continuous music, we requested that the ENTIRE band play continuously the whole night (4 hrs.) except for dinner.  That means one break during the 4 hours for the full band.  Our band contact is telling us that there are usually two breaks during the 4 hours.  The first break is for speeches, blessing, first course, and dinner orders and the second break is for the dinner.  Are two breaks normal?  I would think they should play soft music during the first course and dinner orders.  What has been your experience with the above?

And here is my definition of “continuous” music:

Typically “continuous music” means that some band members remain on the stage at all times. Several rotate off for breaks but others remain and play.  Usually during entree service only a couple of musicians remain on the stage while the others eat. Is this what your band proposes?  And yes, the music is softer during both the appetizer and the entree courses. It is not dance music…

Usually during the meal (appetizer, entree) the whole band does not play. As I said earlier, they rotate off. Sometimes only a few musicians are playing at that time. The whole band is typically there for absolutely ALL of the dancing.

And that’s actually what her band was suggesting!


Photo courtesy of McShea Photography

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