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The Father Of The Bride Has A Question

The Father of the Bride Has A Question

The email from the father of the bride said, Question regarding Rehearsal dinner, am I supposed to give an informal toast/thoughts for this?  The rehearsal will be at the groom’s parents’ house.

And here is my reply:
Typically (whatever that means!) the groom’s parents do the toasting for the rehearsal dinner. Often (again, whatever that means) others give planned or spontaneous toasts. So…

I know I am not really answering your question. My suggestion is to ask the parents of the groom if they would LIKE you to give a toast. This way they can graciously say no if they just want to do it themselves, since this is their night to host.  Of course, you can always have a toast in your pocket and you can use it if you feel the time is right!

And the father replied: Your advice is welcome and very much appreciated!  Keeping my mouth shut!



photo courtesy of Tyler Boye Photography

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