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The Pope Visits A Philadelphia Wedding (sort Of)

The Pope Visits a Philadelphia Wedding (sort of)

Saturday’s wedding has two major photo ops!

The first was the Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride.  The bride and groom wanted photos with the (3000) riders, and off we went to Market Street.  The bride and groom met them as they arrived at 15th and Market Streets and posed (with a lot of cheering from the group) in front of all of these NAKED (and some semi-naked) riders. And I was speechless.  And the couple got the photos they wanted!

The second opportunity was at the reception.  There was a photo booth, and there was a cut-out of the Pope featured there.  Since he has scheduled a visit to Philadelphia in less than a month, and there is publicity and comment about his visit every day in the news, he is very much on the mind of Philadelphians.  And everyone else at this wedding!  I have not seen as much activity at a photo booth… maybe ever.  And even I snuck a picture before the photo booth was set up…



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