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This Is NOT How We Do Business at I DO Wedding Consulting!

I received this email:

We would like to offer a free 90 second promo video to your company in exchange for being the preferred cinematographer vendor for I Do Wedding Consulting.  Here is a link to our wedding company and here is the link to our commercial company.

No, no, no.

This is not how we do business!

First of all, I have never even heard of the person or the company. Secondly, how could I recommend them without knowing anything about them, and why would a 90-second promo video make a difference to me?

And, most importantly, this isn’t at all the way we do business at I DO Wedding Consulting.

We know a wide range of wedding professionals, and, as I always like to say, we are the matchmakers between the couple getting married and the professionals. We have no such thing as a “preferred list” that we just hand out. We make individual recommendations for each couple, based on their own budget, vision, style, personality, wants and needs.  Ours is a very personal approach, and we serve as the advocate for our couples. We take no kickbacks, commissions, or “trades.”

We believe that the work of those that we recommend will speak for itself because they are true professionals and will do their best to make the wedding day extraordinary. We want to work with wedding professionals who are talented, reliable, passionate, and committed to their craft.  Attitude, creativity, and integrity are important to us as we make recommendations.  Dedication and great work are what we look for in industry colleagues. Not a 90-second promo video.


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