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‘Tis the Season… for Outdoor Weddings

The weather finally looks like Spring is coming, with Summer right behind it. And we will be seeing more outdoor ceremonies and receptions. But they do bring special considerations, and here are ten to consider right now:

  1. Too sunny? Think about providing suntan lotion. You don’t want your guests to fry, and they may not be anticipating how strong the sun is on your wedding day.
  2. Too allergic?   Pay attention to the grass. When will it be cut before the wedding? You don’t want to have guests who are allergic and thus uncomfortable with grass that is cut too close to the wedding day. And, will you spray for bugs??
  3. Too hot? Drinks. Yes, you will want your guests to have some liquid (preferably non-alcoholic) before the ceremony. Water, lemonade, and iced tea are perfect. And a reminder to invite your wedding professionals who are working hard in the heat to help themselves to a cold drink too.
  4. Too hot? Extra shirt for a sweaty groom. And deodorant. Enough said.
  5. Too dirty? Shout Wipes or other stain removal for a bridal gown that has grass stains or dirt.
  6. Too messy? Trash cans/bags. If you are offering plastic bottles of water, you will want a place for them to be discarded. If the ground is wet, the bride can stand on the trash bags!
  7. Too rainy? Umbrellas, wooden walkways, marquees, valet or guests parking in grass… all are considerations that need to be addressed.
  8. Too hot to handle? Have an easily accessible list of emergency phone numbers- electrician, plumber, and the local hospital. And know where to find a fire extinguisher. And think about a generator and a back-up generator if the reception is in a tent.
  9. Too windy?   Will you need something to secure escort cards in the wind? How will you prevent programs from blowing away? And what about extra hair spray?
  10. Too cold? Perhaps you will want to have pashminas available for the women.

This is just the BEGINNING of what to consider for an outdoor wedding!! A wedding planner can make a huge difference… just saying…


Photo courtesy of Alison Conklin Photography

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