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Wardrobe Malfunction!

At a wedding rehearsal, I often remind couples and their wedding parties to check ALL of their clothing before the wedding day.  It is so much easier to hem a dress or sew buttons on a jacket ahead of time, with no time pressure or emotion involved.

On the morning of one particular wedding, the bridesmaids were talking about how the zippers of their gowns were so difficult to manage.  One even said she had taken her dress back to the store to have it repaired.  Another said hers was extremely difficult to handle but that she figured it would be ok for just one day.  Wrong!  There was absolutely no way that the zipper would go up.  Several people tried, but it was clear that the zipper was defective.  One of her friends finally managed to yank it up, but then the whole thing split, and there was not a thing that anyone could do to fix it.

This is a cautionary tale.  Fortunately a relative of the bride was a seamstress, and she had the dressed pinned (although it was still open) and camouflaged with pieces of the front of the gown.  But not every dress has extra fabric in front, and this wouldn’t work for every situation.

Please, please try on your wedding clothes ahead of time.  And I don’t mean when you first buy it.  I mean right before the wedding day.  Planners deal with all kinds of wardrobe malfunctions and missing articles of clothing.  But I promise that it will be less stressful for you if you have everything together and everything is ready to wear than if you are scouting around for something that is missing or needs repair right before you have to be dressed for the wedding.

Enough said.


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