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A Wedding Emergency Kit?

A Wedding Emergency Kit?

I am asked very frequently about our Wedding Day Emergency Kit.  When I first started I DO Wedding Consulting, I read everything I could about supplies and then outfitted a suitcase with all that I thought I needed.  Of course, over time, I have added items.  Now, over a decade later, the kit is pretty much complete, and I rarely have to add a thing.  As I wrote in my book, I DO: A Wedding Planner Tells Tales,  “There will almost certainly be things that go wrong, mishaps, and mistakes, but most can be corrected, either with creativity, scissors, a glue gun, or a smile. I bring along my huge emergency kit and am prepared for most minor glitches. And as with any unwelcome surprise, a sense of humor goes a long way.”

Most of the emergency items are self-explanatory, but some have additional uses… and here is a sampling:
1. Chalk (it takes out dirt marks, animal marks, and more on a gown and on shoes)
2. Cold packs (the kind that don’t drip, to be used by the wedding party as they are taking pictures on a hot day. It keeps them cool without having them get wet)
3. Crochet hook (for hooking buttons on a wedding gown, suite, shirt, or others)
4. A glue gun (A wedding planner can’t leave home without this! I have used a glue gun to glue heels on shoes, petals on a boutonniere, and much more.)
5. Hair dryer (For hair, of course, but also for spills. One mother of the bride spilled water down the front of her gown right before the processional started for the ceremony, and we dried it quickly and off she went.)
6. Hanger with mesh covering (Believe it or not, that funny little piece of spongy material that covers the hanger can be rubbed on clothing to remove deodorant stains. It works brilliantly! Or use a makeup sponge.)
7. Money and/or credit card (When the father of a bride forgot his tux shirt, I had to call a local men’s store and have them deliver one right before the wedding party left for the church.)
8. Lots and lots of safety pins in various sizes. Someone stepped on a bride’s gown, and the whole bustle ripped. I pinned the entire bottom of the gown up and under so the bride could dance.
9. Sandpaper (I scuff the soles of the wedding party’s shoes so the wearer doesn’t slip with new shoes.)
10. Hand towels (Usually the bride and attendants have bouquets that have been sitting in water. I use the hand towels to make sure the bouquets don’t drip on dresses.)

And that’s just a start!

photo courtesy of Marie Labbancz

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