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Barbie’s Fault?

Barbie’s Fault?

Here is the beginning of the introduction to my book,  I DO: A Wedding Planner Tells Tales

It was a classical case of serendipity. In fact, I never expected to be a wedding planner. Never even thought about it.

Sometimes I think it is Barbie’s fault.

Barbie the doll , that is. What I remember the most about my Barbie doll from growing up is that my mother made several outfits for her, and the one I remember- and loved- the best was a wedding gown. Now, it never occurred to me back then, and, indeed, it took me decades to even pose the question: why would my mother have made a bridal gown for a child’s doll? The magic of weddings- or at least of being a bride- was introduced early. And… I guess it never left me.

When I moved from one house to another, I gathered together my children’ toys to give to them for their children.  I came across MY Barbie (slightly worse for the wear from two generations who played with her) and also came across the wedding gown that my mother had made for the doll.  That’s the photo you see here!

This morning I read that Mattel has designed Barbies with three new bodies- curvy, tall, and petite. I wonder what this will mean.



I DO: A Wedding Planner Tells Tales is available online:

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