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Wedding Planning Questions Big and Small: How Many Programs Are Needed?

Here’s an exchange between a mother-of-the-bride and me:

I have a question which involves what I call the $10 rule.  One spends $10,000 without blinking, but then worries about the $10 spends.  We are ready to print the programs and I hate to waste the money to print enough for each guest to have one since most will look at it for two minutes and leave it on their seat.  The bride doesn’t want the groomsmen to hand them out which I thought was one way to see that couples got one and single guests got one because she wants them to be upstairs relaxing and getting ready to escort the bridesmaids.  I think if we put in a basket, everyone will take one and if we put on every other seat, people may not get one.  So we need your expert and sage advice on this burning issue :)

And here is my reply:

I definitely suggest NOT providing a program for each person. Easiest thing is to put them on every other seat. If someone doesn’t have one, they can strike up a conversation with their neighbor and borrow one!!

And the mother replied:

This is exactly why I have you.  Thanks.


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