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Welcome to the Wedding Of…

I have seen literally hundreds of wedding programs.

Some are simple, single cards, some are placed on fans, and others are small folders or booklets.

Just when I think I have seen it all, I see something new!  Recently I did a wedding where the couple’s program, a lovely little booklet, started with two pages about the Wedding Party, listing all the participants in the ceremony.  The next two pages described the Wedding Ceremony itself, defining the ketubah, kittel, chuppah, circling, rings and vows, sheva brachot, breaking the glass, and the yihud, for this Jewish ceremony.

And then, the next page was, Fun Facts about the Bride and Groom!  And here is what it says:

Bride keeps a running list on her phone of all the phrases and idioms that Groom says incorrectly.  ok, this sounds mean on paper but it is actually pretty funny, you should ask to look at it.

Groom covertly recorded Bride dancing to Beyonce songs.  In the middle of a song she spontaneously got distracted by a box of cookies (chocolate covered hamantaschen, to be precise) on the coffee table and stopped dancing to eat them.
Bride and Groom used to keep score when they watched Jeopardy.  It got too heated and now they only watch and play for fun.
Bride and Groom timed how long it takes their egg drop soup to be served at their favorite Chinese restaurant.  They are lightning fast and regularly bring it to the table in less than 2 minutes.  If you like good service and Chinese food, come dine with us.

The next page was a letter to guests, thanking them for coming to the wedding, with special mention of grandparents and parents.  And the back page was a loving acknowledgement of grandparents who are not alive but are not forgotten.

This was the most personal program I have ever seen.  It must have been fun for the couple to talk about what they wanted to include!!


Photo courtesy of Baiada Photography

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