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What to wear?

It is helpful, as I have noted before, to give your guests lots of information about what is expected of them and what they can expect.  Sometimes, though, rules can be broken!  I received an email from a couple who were stymied about what to include on their invitations about the attire for their guests:

We don’t want to sound like a letter straight out of Miss Manners. We want to tell people that attire doesn’t need to be black tie or black tie optional; a more accurate description of our aesthetic is “Jacket and tie? Why bother? I guess you can wear them if you really want.” We were hoping to use, as we told you when we first met, “Wear something that makes you feel awesome,” but my mother insists that no one knows what that phrase means. I’m thinking something like “Wear comfortable party clothes,” but neither my partner nor my sister seems particularly happy with that one.

And here was my response:

I am not sure that you have to give your guests any direction in attire. Here’s what guests will know: this is a daytime wedding, it is not formal (invitations have aqua and mango accents), and it is a celebration in a synagogue. So, that sounds like party clothes to me! You know your guests, but don’t you think they will dress accordingly? And if they have a question, they can ask you… and you can just say party clothes!




photo courtesy of Marie Labbancz

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