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What We DO at I DO Wedding Consulting

You may have looked at our website and have visited the Gallery and the Press sections.  But here is more of what we actually DO!

Ten Ways (and counting) about what I DO Wedding Consulting DOES:

1. I DO Wedding Consulting is your advocate. We are in your corner, and you know that you have someone else looking out for your interests. We do not take commissions or kick-backs of any kind (or pay-to-play), so you know that we have your interests in mind.

2. We are respectful of your budget. EVERYONE has a budget, even if it is large. And we will help guide you so you don’t go over yours.

3. We are obviously not family therapists, but often we are asked to help the bride and groom navigate their family dynamics. If the bride needs to have time alone with her mother and sister, we can make that happen.

4. And we make a timeline. A monster timeline. With every detail on it, so that we can use it as a checklist. Imagine trying to remember every single item. And we coordinate all the details with your wedding professionals prior to the wedding, so we are all on the same page.

5. And in that timeline, we create breathing space. The timeline looks structured, but we know that things don’t happen to the minute and that weddings sometimes take on a life of their own. We pad moments here and there so that there is no reason to be frantic.

6. We handle transportation. We check and double-check the week of the wedding to make sure that what you have ordered is what you will get. We make sure we have a built-in buffer so we have time to go where you want to go, without stress.

7. We have knowledge and experience. We have “studied” wedding planning and consulting, and we have worked on so many weddings that we have lost count. We know some tricks of the trade and are happy to share them with you. We also have a large network and our industry friends are always happy to share information too.

8. We have an emergency kit that is stocked with all kinds of things. Protein bars, water, tape of every kind, sewing kits, scissors, fashion tape, men’s socks, and more things than you can even imagine. And yes, we bring a steamer… for the bridal gown, bridesmaids’ dresses, pashminas, men’s ties or pocket squares… or whatever you need.

9. We provide you with checklists along the way, but not so many that it drives you crazy and creates stress.

10. We are the official worriers, so you don’t have to be!






top photo courtesy of Phil Kramer Photography

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