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Where is your Wedding Planner?

Did you ever wonder what your wedding planner does before he/she is with you on your wedding day?

Here’s what I do to prepare myself and prepare for you:

After I awake, shower, and dress in my black pants, black top, and black shoes, I take myself out for a leisurely and nourishing breakfast at a nearby hotel’s restaurant.  I almost always start the day with an omelet (sometimes egg-white if I am feeling particularly self-righteous) so that I have some protein.  That’s what I did this morning.  However, something was definitely different with the meal.  The omelet wasn’t exactly bad, but it didn’t taste as good as it usually does.  I go to this restaurant frequently during wedding season, and I definitely noticed a difference.  I tasted the accompanying potatoes, and they didn’t taste the same.  And they didn’t taste good. And the tomato half had herbs and breadcrumbs sprinkled on it and was totally cold.  Hmmmm.

I ate over half of the omelet (I was hungry and have a big day ahead of me!), drank the delicious decaf coffee (my favorite), and asked for the check.  When the server, who has served me a number of times before, saw my partially uneaten meal, he asked what was wrong.  I told him that nothing was wrong, exactly, but it just didn’t taste great.  He promptly summoned his manager, who came and asked me about my meal.

Now, please know that I was not complaining.  I didn’t bring up the subject.  But the server clearly understood the concept of customer service.  And the manager was genuinely interested in my reactions.  And he removed the omelet from my bill.  I told him that I should pay for the omelet since I ate a good portion of it, but he insisted.

Why do I mention this tale?

It is all about customer service.  Their job.  And mine.

We all truly aim to please.

I thought about this as I walked home.  If the server hadn’t noticed that I left more on my plate than I usually did, would I have gone back to this restaurant?  Or, now that I know they cared, would I go back?

It is my aim to be as attentive and responsive as I do my job as the server and his manager were this morning.

I will be back to this restaurant.

And I am on my way very soon to give today’s couple great customer service.

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