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Your Philadelphia Wedding Planner Is STILL Sentimental

Your Philadelphia Wedding Planner Is STILL Sentimental

And I think that is a permanent condition!

As I looked back through some wedding images from the last year, I saw some from the wedding of Susie and David (feel free to go to the Gallery to see more).  Susie had several touching additions to her wedding.  First, she carried a bouquet that was wrapped in a baby dress that her grandmother had made for her mother.  And she carried a prayer book as she went down the aisle that her mother, grandmother, and I think great-grandmother had carried on their wedding days.

But the most special thing was that Susie’s mother’s mother, her 94-year-old grandmother, and Susie’s father’s father, her 95-year-old grandfather, were in attendance at the wedding reception.  What a special day in the lives of this family.  Memories forever.


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