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Your Wedding Planner Is Sentimental

Your Wedding Planner is Sentimental

There are so many ways to sharing touching and personal moments at weddings.  I am reflecting on one that really had a deep connection to a departed grandmother, who passed away when her granddaughter (now a bride) was only nine years old.  The grandmother knew she was dying and wanted to help make some sense of it for this little girl.  She told her that she would always be there for her, and when she saw a butterfly, she would know it.  As it happened, a butterfly appeared at the cemetery, and this was proof positive for the family.

And now, the young girl, grown up and getting married, remembered her grandmother in her heart and in many visible ways at the wedding.  To an onlooker who didn’t know the story, it appeared that there was simply a butterfly motif.  But the bride’s aunt spoke during the ceremony and explained the significance of the butterflies, which were visible hanging inside the chuppah (paper butterflies, that is), from the ceiling in the ballroom, on the escort cards, on the bride’s bouquet with a photo of her grandmother, and more.  There was supposed to be a butterfly release (of live butterflies), but there was a torrential rainstorm and the ceremony had to be moved inside, so this didn’t happen.  But no matter, it was in the heart of the bride.  Forever.







photos courtesy of Shea Roggio


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